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LMS Board's position on children's access to Al Rahma Masjid


Liverpool Muslim Society's board of trustees would like to correct the misinformation being aired on the social media regarding children under 10's access to Al-Rahma Masjid.

Contrary to Adam Kelwick's posting on Sunday 28th June on Twitter, saying the committee has decided to allow the children to pray in the masjid after banning them, no child was ever banned from praying in the masjid in the first instance. Therefore, there was no ban to lift!

At the request of several women attendees who complained of some children's disruptive behaviours, the board made available the use of adjacent  porta cabin, which is self-contained, with toilets, sinks and canteen, for the mums to care for their children during taraweeh.

In recent years, we provided creche facilities staffed by volunteers. However,  it was decided this year due to the extremely late hour and for safety issues to stop this, and advised the mothers/female guardians to look after their own children in the porta cabin should they chose to bring them to the masjid.

This was to minimise noise and disruptions to other women during taraweeh in the main prayer hall for women. Moreover, the notice pictured in the posting "no children under 10 allowed in the masjid..." was only referring to women's main prayer hall on the 1st floor and only in taraweeh (late night prayer currently between 11.45pm and 12.45 am).
So, the notice is only ever in place for approximately one and a half hours per night and NEVER AT OTHER TIMES. It must be noted, though, that this arrangement does not apply to men. They are able to pray in the main halls of the masjid with their children as no complaints of children's disruptive behaviours were received from men worshippers.

Children and their parents have and will always be welcomed into the masjid. It is absurd to think or suggest otherwise. The masjid is always filled with children throughout the week. We have no knowledge of children ever been banned from the masjid. If, however, a child or an adult for that matter become so disruptive and uncontrollable in the masjid, it will be derelict of duty if trustees failed to act.

The board advised parents and guardians of children under the age of puberty to consider praying the voluntary prayer (taraweeh) at home with their children or make suitable arrangements for them to be looked after by appropriate and responsible adults at home while the parents attend masjid for taraweeh. Special mention was made of week days when children are required to go to schools.

So, offering taraweeh in the masjid till the early hours of the morning cannot but affect their alertness and concentration adversely in the classroom.

In any event, it was left for parents and guardians to consider what is best for their families in these regards.

We can confirm that the porta cabin is part of the masjid and worshippers offer Friday prayers in there. Furthermore, it is family user friendly as children can play and pray with female parents and/or their guardians in attendance.

May Allah accepts our fasting and other forms of ibadat. Ameen.

Sunday 19 Jan 2020

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